Success Story…..Wilson Tan, Malaysia’s 1st Male Supermodel

Article and informaton below reproduced with permission from Stephanne Foong, Founder of Celebrity’s Will, Your Will Be Done and co-Founder of Business Succession Planning

His, is a SUCCESS STORY of realizing his DREAMS!
Wilson Tan, Malaysia Male Supermodel

Wilson Tan, Malaysia Male Supermodel

Wilson Tan, took a short four years to achieve his dreams to be the first Malaysian Male Supermodel!Wilson Tan a dude from Gerik, Perak, was professionally trained to be a Chemical Engineer. Unfortunately, the job was way too mundane for his colourful personality. He woke up every day with a dreadful thought of continuing as a chemical Engineer.

He was attracted to the glitz and glamour of being a Fashion Model and thought to himself then was the amazing Amber Chia, Malaysian Female Supermodel but there were no male Supermodels. With this new found dream, he was both apprehensive and excited. Wilson geared toward his new passion with a burning desire that was to be a Model and then a Supermodel! He rocked his way up and came top within 4 years!Wilson who loves being a Fashionista and enjoying the glamour on stage, has swept International awards before recently awarded by Mercedes Stylo as the Malaysia, Best Model of the Year. The formers, are 4 medals in Hollywood, World Championship of Performing Arts, Industrials Award with an offer from New York to extend his modelling career and Asia Best Model at the 6th Asia Model Festival Awards.The naysayers to his career was no other than his very own parents. Dear to heart, but not having the support of his parents for his new career, was his greatest challenge and heartache, amidst the real challenge of the job. However Wilson persisted in what he called in his own words, “stubbornly” both to prove his naysayers wrong and also to gear towards his goal. His hard work and heartaches paid off, crowning him as Malaysia Male Supermodel.

Not having a prior exposure or experience in modelling, but rooted with a DREAM that is to be Malaysia first Male Supermodel, he humbled his way through.
He said that he has finally made his parents proud and that they will be present to witness him receiving the coming Award in September, as one of the Top Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards 2012. This is a much coveted award and according to Wilson, the first ever for a model. His parents’ approval meant so much and to Wilson, that is SUCCESS in itself.

His advice to those who are starting out or looking at a career in modelling, that the most important criteria is to have a good and humble attitude. Passion when paired with good attitude will open the rock way to Success. So ‘Dream Big’ but be humble. His personal inspiration towards life and career is to APPRECIATE life and know how to be grateful!

Wilson amidst many Celebrities, believes in giving back to the society. He does not believe in keeping riches but to bless the underprivileged. He has a heart of Gold indeed.

If you desire to “give back to the society” like Wilson and other Celebrities, or to do a “Fashionable Will”, Celebrity Will is all geared in advising you.

Note: This story is exclusive for Celebrity’s Will and posted with permission from Wilson Tan.

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